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"Our goal is not to help you get a job. Our goal is to ensure that you will never need a job."

In-Class Online On-Site


We offers an unparalleled curriculum and real life experience. The curriculum consists of Online* Instruction from national renowned instructors, In-Class Study Group facilication from successful local real estate investors, and real life in the field. The  Real Estate Investor Training includes:

  • Buy and hold properties that produce monthly income for life
  • Fix & Flip for immediate and massive income
  • Buying foreclosures at deep discounts
  • The Art of Short Sales
  • Self-Direction IRAs, 401Ks, and HSAs Funding Strategies
  • Starting your own Self-Direction IRAs, 401Ks, and HAS
  • Maximizing the returns on your family’s and friend’s retirement accounts
  • Buying properties “Subject To” without any of your own money or credit
  • Acquiring and holding Multi-Family buildings
  • Wholesaling properties with no money or credit
  • Using Lease Options as an acquisition and exit strategy
  • The keys to effective property management
  • Brokering notes without any money or credit
  • Acquiring Tax Liens and Deeds
  • Commercial Real Estate Investing
  • Basic Accounting Principles of Real Estate Investors
  • Creating lucrative win/win real estate partnerships
  • Repair and building personal credit
  • Building Business Credit
  • Power of compound interest
  • Strategies for paying off your mortgages in one half to one third the time



    Becoming a successful real estate investor and business owner requires more than just mastering the transactional strategies. Knowledge without action is just potential. Knowledge with action is power.  Developing the right attitude and motivation to propel your success is also imperative.

    * The online curriculum is provided by Renatus, LLC.