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"Our goal is not to help you get a job. Our goal is to ensure that you will never need a job."

In-Class Online On-Site


Comprehensive Online Real Estate Investor training available through Rentus, LLC provides the training students need to become real estate investors. This is a unique blend of In-Class, Online, and On-Site experiences.

One-on-One and Group Real Estate Investing Coaching! 

Whether your a new investor working on your first deal or a seasoned investor trying to take your business to the next level, everyone can benefit from One-on-One Coaching. Afterall, even Michael Jordan had a coach. Six sessions of one-on-one coaching is available to focus on your specific real estate stratiegies.. There are also weekly group coaching sessions.

Monthly Saturday Workshops

We bring in one of our online real estate instructors once a month for a full-day workshop. You can attend these workshops for just $50. These workshops can fill up quickly so make sure we get you registered right away.